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what we do best The pictures on this page are of job's we have done over the years, from engine rebuilds to before and after pictures of restorations, we will be adding more things of interest has the months go on. what we do best


 what we do best


Vespa PX engine with polini 207 kit, tuned bottom end, 28 mil Dellorto carb, standard gearing and gearbox, s.i.p rear disc, This Engine was Built for the vespa pictured below


Lambretta stage 4 200cc engine, 28 mil dellorto carb, Li 150 geatbox, 17 x 46 Gearing, AF bigbore exhaust, a simple set up but went quite well considering how basic it sounds....... The Engine Below is a 1963 Li 150 special, its been Fully rebuilt with a mugello 185 kit, sx 200crank, all race bearings and good quality oil seals,standrd Gearing and Gearbox,Its in the process of being run in at the moment but once its run in it is having a scootrs exhaust and carb upgrade, at present its running with a jetex 22mil carb and standard exhaust....


what we do best Below is a british registred SX 150 that had been sat for a long time after being stolen and recovered, the legshield were badly damaged and steering lock pin surround was broken, we started the restoration of it and the green and white sx is the finished item.  Below is a british registerd spanish 150 special, it was first registerd in the Rhondda south wales and on strip down for the restoration we found the original enamel dealer badge under a lot of paint, we restored the scooter and fitted the dealer badge back to the original place on the horn cover.